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Roy Diffrient

Thanks, Kent – you should get the check on Monday....

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OMG, how gorgeous. And so is the scope. I can’t wait to peer through it. Man, that is ONE BIG telescope. 28” and no taller than my 16” f/6; simply amazing. Roy, you’re a genius to build it and it’s going to win lots of “Best In Show” awards.


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Subject: First Light


I have finally completed (well, mostly) a new telescope.  It has been a lot of work and a long time getting here but it’s now becoming real at last.  It’s a 28” f/3.6 (101.5” FL) visual Newtonian on an alt-az goto mount, made mostly of aluminum.  Optics are from Steve Kennedy, with a Kennedy Optics primary and Ostahowski Optics secondary.  The primary is on a 27-point separate cell with motorized collimation and truss flexure compensation.  The clutched servo drive system is by Sidereal Technology and I’ve included wireless control.  For mobility, I’ve adapted a small, hand-cranked trailer-mover.  In case of thunder the fully assembled telescope rolls into my trailer.  Plans are for it to be at ECSP in a few weeks.  Here’s hoping for clear skies.







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