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Both pictures from AL appear to have  Regulus as the only star I see, just the picture is turned 90 Degrees.





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Yeah, I had to look twice at the AL page before I noticed that link to the images. Maybe it's my stanky old wizzard(sic) eyes, but I can only see one object in each image. That first image has what looks like a planet above the eclipse, and the second image also has what looks like a planet (or a really faint star) to the left of the eclipse. Everything else is overpowered by that corona.


I hope more images show up somewhere that have more stars visible so we have a better reference. (Then maybe I'll know what I'm looking at in the two images from above, and have some reference stars for the deflection calculations.)


And many thanks to Jeff for that spreadsheet!



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Hey Jeff,


Thanks. In the writeup they offer this link for images:


It took some scanning to actually find them again. It was in the beginning of the website, and not under the Resources and Links section.


Thanks everyone for sharing your Eclipse attempts and successes. I have laughed that hard for some time after hearing Kenny's story. Puts things into perspective doesn't it? Bob, thanks for driving and the company.


Clear Bright Skies,



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