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I was in Philadelphia for totality. Philadelphia, Tennessee, that is. I shared the experience with my two oldest daughters. We stayed at an airbnb campout in a rural location, 15 min outside of Sweetwater. There were around 50 other campers and the setting reminded me a lot of an ECSP.  The weather could not have been better, no clouds at all. I am still in awe from the experience of totality. It was way different (and way better) than I expected. Such a wonderful, mystical, other-worldly experience. I was so swept away by the Corona that I forgot to look for shadow bands, shadow racing away, etc. I am glad I brought my scope as the spectacular view of the Corona and fiery prominences was quite unforgettable. My daughters loved it. What an experience! The 1100+ mile drive, hours of post-eclipse traffic jams were certainly worth it!.

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I hope you watched Nova's, The Great American Eclipse" on PBS Wednesday night. It's a terrific documentary. Be sure to catch it when and if it's repeated. Maybe it can be streamed. Check on PBS'S Web site.

PS. I think it would be interesting if everyone who traveled to totality would tell us where you were. If like to add it to my notes about the eclipse.

Robert Hitt, Judy Winstead and I were at Broad River Canal Riverfront Park on the outskirts of Columbia SC with about 60 eclipse chasers. I heard the main park of the park wss host to 30,000!

Kent Blackwell

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