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My brother has a lake house at Johnson Chapel Recreation Park on Center Hill lake near Sparta, TN,  4 miles south of Eclipse centerline.


I asked 2 and a half years ago. if we could visit Aug.21, 2017 and he said we were more than welcome.  Lynne and I with my daughter started our visit with my brother and his wife on Saturday.  We had a great time visiting, skiing  and swimming in the lake.  He also has 20 to 30 hummingbirds who kept us entertained from his porch, my daughter and I had had a great time getting them to drink from a cup in hands and taking pictures and movies.


So on Monday the day of the Eclipse we also had another brothers and my sister and their families joined us at the lake house.  We had several of my brother’s neighborhood friends join us for a approx. count of 30 in our little group for a cookout on the lake.  There were approx. 50 others in the park with us.  Reports from other parks on the lake reported jammed packed attendance, but we were not crowded at all.


I brought my 8” CPC 800 and 10X80 binoculars, both solar filtered.  A Lunt 50 Ha Solar Telescope and a 70MM with a solar funnel.  


We had very good weather and viewing, just a few clouds between C1 and C2, the rest was really clear skies.  Everybody was in AWE with the total eclipse, words lack the intense meaning of what everyone saw and tried in vain to describe. One of the biggest hits was the solar funnel, I positioned it so pictures of  the funnel image could be in a picture with them


We even caught the solar bands rippling on a white sheet, immediately after the total Eclipse.


I got some decent pictures of the C1 to C3 on my DSLR with a 300MM lens, but my computer battery died after that.  I posted them to Photos 
"Eclipse 2017" on the VPAS group.


I also have them in my dropbox, and can provide the link for full resolution photos upon request.


Following my late Dad’s advice, “Fish and relatives both start to stink in 4 days”, “Come often and don’t stay so long”, we left my brother’s on Wednesday thankful we able to miss most on the exiting traffic with a memory that will last a lifetime.






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I hope you saw Nova's, The Great American Eclipse Wednesday night on PBS. Be sure to catch it when and if it's repeated. Maybe it can be streamed. Check on PBS'S Web site.

I think it would be interesting if everyone who traveled to totality would tell us where you were.

Robert Hitt, Judy Winstead and I went to Broad River Canal Riverfront Park on the outskirts of Columbia SC. I heard the other end of the park had over 30,000 people watching the eclipse! We only had about 60 fellow eclipse chasers, and that was a perfect size crowd. Each enjoyed viewing through my scope. I had two refractors mounted piggyback.

We hope to incorporate our video and my stills in tonight's planetarium show at the Chesapeake Planetarium. It's already sold out but we start a standby list at 7:30 pm when our doors open, with no guarantee you'll get in. The sho

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