The Great American Eclipse

Kent Blackwell

I hope you saw Nova's, The Great American Eclipse Wednesday night on PBS. Be sure to catch it when and if it's repeated. Maybe it can be streamed. Check on PBS'S Web site.

I think it would be interesting if everyone who traveled to totality would tell us where you were.

Robert Hitt, Judy Winstead and I went to Broad River Canal Riverfront Park on the outskirts of Columbia SC. I heard the other end of the park had over 30,000 people watching the eclipse! We only had about 60 fellow eclipse chasers, and that was a perfect size crowd. Each enjoyed viewing through my scope. I had two refractors mounted piggyback.

We hope to incorporate our video and my stills in tonight's planetarium show at the Chesapeake Planetarium. It's already sold out but we start a standby list at 7:30 pm when our doors open, with no guarantee you'll get in. The sho

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