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Most of the coastal area of South Carolina is forecasting 30% chance of rain. I'm going to change my plans and head further west. The area of Clemson and Greenville is forecasting no rain. In case you need it Charlotte North Carolina appears to have plenty of hotel rooms available. It's about a two-hour drive from Charlotte North Carolina into the center of the eclipse area

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Here in Casper WY the forecast looks good (and much improved from what the long term had predicted).  Looks like clear and sunny, 81 degrees.  Hoping that holds; this town is 100% committed to the eclipse and have been excellent hosts.  There has been a huge block party going on since we got here Thursday (and I hear tell it was in progress for days before that).  The Astronomical League convention was very well attended (sold out many months ago) and was really fun. 


My Arizona club has a big section of the hotel parking lot roped off and have been showing the sun for a couple of days now. We’ll be having a big crowd tomorrow I’m sure -starting with an outdoor sunrise champagne breakfast sponsored by the hotel (Ramkoda). 


Having a great time, wish you were here.



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The forecast for tomorrow, "Eclipse Day" here in western Kentucky is good.  0% chance of rain, 30% cloud cover (that's 70% clear), temps in  the low 90's. 


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