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I ordered 10 pairs from Amazon. Fairly cheap.

10-Pack Premium ISO and CE Certified Lunt Solar Eclipse Glasses

Try that. I'm supposed to get mine in on Saturday if you wanted to just swing by I could certainly give you half of them I don't think I'm going to use that many.

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Is it possible for us to buy 5 pairs of eclipse glasses for viewing the eclipse?  If so, who/how?  Thanks, Kayce and Dave

Best wishes,

Kayce Cover,
Syn Alia Training Systems

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Are the BBAA's solar eclipse glasses safe to hand out to the public? And if so, what information do we give the public when they ask where the ISO certification label is?

NASA has donated a lot of eclipse glasses to the BBAA over the past couple of years, which we were going to give to the public for the upcoming eclipse.

With the new news story out that fake eclipse glasses have been circulating, everyone is checking their glasses for the NASA-recommended label: ISO 12312-2.

Our solar glasses (my box was sent to us by NASA Goddard) DO NOT have that number, nor the recommended manufactures.

It has the following:

CE Certified by: British Standards Institute
#0086 notified body


Any information regarding these standards would be greatly appreciated.
Leigh Anne

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