Re: South Carolina-bound Eclipse Viewers


I'm kind of making the assumption that it won't be hard to find a place to set up during the eclipse. The way I am thinking is that this is not much different than viewing, for example, a full moon somewhere on the peninsula. I would think the places I could do that would be near infinite, especially when you factor in that other people would be interested in seeing as well (so would be more inclined to look through my scope than tell me to skedaddle). Hope I'm not wrong!  

Whatever the case, Leigh Anne, I would think that if you were a customer at the hotel, you could set up next to your car with no problem.

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I'm going a day early, George, and leaving the day after. As for traffic during the eclipse viewing, that farm that's hosting the party is right around the corner from the hotel. Looks like I could walk to it if I wanted to (not with a bunch of gear though).
I'll probably end up hanging out wherever everyone else decides to set up. Do you all think we need permission from the hotel to set up in the parking lot?
Leigh Anne

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