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Ted Forte

Several of my club members out here will be in Casper – we all made our reservations in August 2015. Yes, two years early.  By November 2015, rooms in Casper were hard if not impossible to get.   Some of the chains that wouldn’t make reservations more than 9 or 12 months out were sold out in minutes after opening the date. The Astronomical League convention in Casper was sold out more than a year ago.  Rooms as far away as Laramie are now going for outrageous rates.   


I’ve read that this eclipse is predicted to be the most observed eclipse in history.  I know that Casper expects to be mobbed.  If the weather cooperates, I think the last minute media hype will send swarms of people to the center line.   We’ll see.




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I have Reservations in SC, but I'm considering Casper WY or even a Royal Caribbean Cruise. The problem is I can't get a 100% guarantee the ship will be exactly on the path. The organizers say yes but there is nothing on Royal Caribbean's site that guarantees that. I think the ship makes that trip anyway, they're just altering their course off the coast of SC. With 5000 passengers it would be a hoot. My guess is most would not be eclipse chasers.

OK, with that being said, I want to tell you in all my years looking at the sun I have never seen it so devoid of any sunspots or prominences, at least for such a long stretch of time. Let's hope things pick up by August.

I really believe what I have said to several of you. We'll all be in the path of totality but don't panic for space for a place to see it. The general public wouldn't drive 20 miles to the path. I was at a picnic this weekend talking about it. NO ONE said they'd be willing to go to the totality path. Well, that's feeling; amybe I'm wrong.

I will say this, I've chased 14 total eclipses and EVERYONE who witnesses one asks, "Where's the next one."

Kent Blackwell Sound

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