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I was watching as well, from my backyard with my 8" scope. I barely squeezed them in the same view with my lowest power eyepiece. Just read that Jupiter was 1860 times further away than the Moon!

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I saw it also from the driveway in my 10" Meade.
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>Wow, what a great night. I set up my 100/800 scope last night. After Mark O said he could just barely "fit" both in terms the same field of view I tried the same, amd succeeded. It was as pretty if not prettier just gazing at it naked eye.
>But wait, I suspected seeing a bright, tiny spot on Jupiter. Yes, it was Io. About an hour later Io's tiny shadow appeared. If that wasn't enough a half hour later Ganamede's shadow appeared, making up a double shadow transit. It was the best I've ever seen it, as I've been quoted to say now and then.

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