Re: Fan Mountain

joseph_piotrowski <>

Just read the info on the web site about fan mountain. Would like to
be included in the spring/summer outing if I'm not on call. I'm
willing to help out in any way I can but am severely limited by my
schedule.Sounds great.Maybe we can find a planet or two as a project.
Let me see..bbaaupiter?
Joe Piotrowski
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Thank you Rick!

Consider yourself a member of the "Observatory Committee"!

Anybody else?


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<< What a great job on the Fan Mountain report, Ted! Great
pictures, too!
I would like to be involved in that project, if there's still
In addition, I would love to go up there in the late spring or
Let me know if I can do some "foot work" for this, as my schedule
be fairly flexable.

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