Re: Upgrading my Celestron mount and hand controller firmware.


Celestron has a great site

that will provide you with all the info ,newest firmware including betas and assistance if you run into trouble.  You have to join and select your interest.




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Subject: [backbayastro] Upgrading my Celestron mount and hand controller firmware.



Going to ask and see if I can get some advise on updating the software in my Celestron telescope. I have a ASGT 9.25 telescope with older software in it. See attached photo.


I am told the mount firmware can be updated and the hand controller cannot be but it can be replaced. I had (Years ago) updated the motor controller firmware to the 5.06 using the MCUpdate program which i no longer have. I have ordered a new version 5 of the new hand controller which should be here in a week or so.


The telescope has older telephone type connectors on it rather than the small miniusb type of the current scopes. I have a cable I used from 12 years ago last time I upgraded it but I cannot get it to see the scope. For starters it appears that Celestron is now using a different program to update the firmware (CELESTRON FIRMWARE MANAGER). I think it is not working as it is intended to be connected to the newer hand controllers and not to the mount directly as done before.


Question 1: Is this the right software I should be using now? I cannot find a current mcupdate version. So I'm pretty sure I am supposed to be using that firmware manager program. Can anyone confirm this? before you used to have to connect directly into the mount and used the Update which I cannot seem to find. I'm assuming that's why it is not working for me now as I'm trying to use their new software and connected to the mount directly.


Question 2: If I use the new version 5 hand controller will it work with the older mount software I have enough so that i can update it? The person at Celestron technical support had no idea. He thought the version 5 HC may not function even enough to get the MC firmware updated.


Does anyone have any experience with this?

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