Re: Princess Anne Hunt Club event last night


Due to us having company over the weekend, I attended this event as a guest rather than as a member (otherwise I would have been there with my telescope).  Since it was dark, I was able to "secret shop" the club.  The members who were there did a fantastic job of showing off the night sky to the revelers at the event.  The atmosphere where the club was set up was quite different than the loud, pulsing party going on up front.  I think the partygoers appreciated being able to take a break from the overstimulating activities to just contemplate the heavens.  The seeing was outstanding, and that Iridium flare was a real treat.  

My only complaint would be Hunt Club needs to have better signage directing people to the back.  Though I did hear the band playing up front announce that the club was set up in the back, they said "we don't know where that is."

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