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Mel...firstly, the QSI camera has a built in filter wheel with very close tolerances. I used to have a SBIG camera (ST8XME) that was great but required an add on filter wheel and there was no lens that would reach focus with the filter wheel in place. I use 3 different lens with the QSI camera. This particuliar one is a Promaster Spectrum 7 AF100-400mm zoom lens. No, it doesn't fit the QSI 583 as is. For all 3 lens I... as you said, McGyvered a fitting that worked. I have no idea what the original fittings were or where they came from, but they were laying around on the work bench and didn't fit anything else I could find. I did a little lathe work on them and "walla" they got me close enought to reach focus.
Actually not that quick either. It took a lot of time (days/weeks) just finding where I needed to be and then figuring out how to make something short enough to join everything togather correctly. On my wide field page are some pixs of the lens setups 
Sorry, but I can't give you a magic answer...

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I'm looking at options to adapt an ASI174MM to Nikon F mount lenses. The len's required flange focal distance is 46.5mm. The ASI174 sensor to flange distance is ~17mm. Most solutions I'm finding are expensive (i.e. preciseparts and  geoptik) and don't leave any room for adding a filter wheel. I have a salvaged F mount that can be McGyvered onto an appropriate T2 extension adapter. A variable T2 adapter would be ideal but the range would have to rather small ~1-20mm or so. What lens and adapters are you using?

It would be awesome to be able to get these two items together! 



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It's been a rough summer for most of us imagers (rain/clouds). Last night was the first time out for me in about 6 weeks. I used my camera lens at ~120 mm on my QSI583ws camera. About 10x7 degree FOV and shot 6x10 minutes Ha of the North American area. This area is loaded with objects and lots of scattered dust & gas as well.
See on my site for technical details or just enjoy the attached image.

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