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Thanks for the heads up, I will not be there.




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Actually I did not send it from the cancel screen. I sent the notice before I canceled the event in NSN. The only way a text gets sent is if I cancel the event and then follow the prompts to send a cancel notice. It sort of by-passes the text issue


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The one has already turned it off! 

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 I thought that I would send all BBAA members a quick status update on tomorrow evenings BBAA meeting. While it is pretty warn today, it will not be so tomorrow. According to all weather reports that I’m looking at we will be close to the freezing point around 2 PM tomorrow with rain pretty much up until that point.

For Virginia Beach, from about 3PM on we go through freezing rain then, sleet around the meeting time, and then wintery mix during or shortly after the meeting time. The forecast is a bit worse the closer you get to Hampton where snow is expected by 5PM.

With this said, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the weather, as the safety of our BBAA friends and guests is more important than a meeting, we may have to cancel the meeting to ensure no one is out on the roads in icy weather.

I’ll make this decision in the morning based on the morning weather reports, a nd send a notice out to all via NSN, if we cancel. I figured I would provide a warning so that those who get text messages can turn that feature off in NSN if they don’t want an early message. To quote Spock “The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the one…”

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