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Have you tried WorldWideTelescope from Microsoft?  You can create show directly from WWT, or you can use a show created by other young kids that would make your presentation more age appropriate.


Here is a video sample from a 6 yr old.


I googled “WorldWideTelescope tours for kids”


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I STRUGGLED to find suitable astronomy material for a PreK class that I'll be visiting tomorrow.  Many preK aged kids are still learning language and might not understand the difference between a couch and a chair, let alone astronomy terms. 


There wasn't much that was age-appropriate on the NSN or at the NASA Langley Educator's Resource Center. I checked Pinterest and found things that were either too complicated or so childish and hokey that a kid couldn't actually learn from it.  So I made my own.


I took images from NSN power point presentations, downloaded video clips from the NASA webpage, and made my own interactive powerpoint presentation for preschool-aged kids. 


The kids will learn the difference between things they see in the sky that are on Earth vs. in space. We'll take an imaginary rocket launch into space and visit the moon and Mars - stopping by to say hello to Curiosity. Then we'll be curious about what else is out there and fly by Jupiter and the other planets, and touch some real space rocks (meteorites). We'll then turn back toward the Sun for a close up and reenter Earth's orbit. 


They'll learn that the sun is really a star, and that it shines on these worlds creating daytime on one side an night time on another. They'll learn that the stars are always there, but the sun is so bright they can't see them during the day. There'll be imaginary moon-walks, moon-rover driving, zero-G, and solar wind and heat (a blow dryer).


Here goes!! Wish me luck!

-Leigh Anne

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