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charles jagow

What's Her Name and I caught the 3:15 PM iMax at the VA Air & Space Center.


Well worth the fifty five minutes trying to get back to Chesapeake.

There were a couple of inconsistencies, like when he enters the black hole there is enough turbulence to destroy the space ship, however he survives the same turbulence in his flight suit...

But an AWSOME movie, none the less, GO SEE IT IN iMax...

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Jason and I saw it last night! Fantastic! Just barely within my very basic understanding of einstein's general relativity. :)

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Film review: Interstellar | BBC Sky at Night Magazine

Film review: Interstellar | BBC Sky at Night Magazine
- Some time in the near future, Earth undergoes ecological changes that make food production non-viable: crops are dying and dust storms envelop the planet, leaving...
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