Garden Stars Report


There must have been 20 people at the Gardens last night. 
George did a bang up job presenting astronomy 101 to the guests whilst Matt and yours truly set up for the observation part. 

Just as George finished his presentation and brought the guests out the moon popped over the roof line! 

Matt and George showed Alberio and other bright sky objects (I wasn't paying attention). I showed the moon and highlighted crater Tycho and got carried away about Tycho Brahe and the data Kepler could get only after Tycho died and the nose thing, etc, etc.
Of course many folks were underdressed and cold so that limited observing time for many to half an hour or so. 

The written reviews NBG collects were great to fantastic. George had 'em in the aisles. 
Amy, thank you for opening up and helping out.
We all had a ball!

Carpe Noctem
Bill McLean

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