Re: Launch


It really is a tragedy. It's a huge step back because people were starting to get into space flight again since things were going really well. Now people are going to be terrified of space flight. I mean it is a scary thing but it is necessary so I fear that it took a big hit with the general public yesterday. Not to mention we will see if orbital sciences lose their 1.9 billion dollar contract! Where they lose, spaceX will probably gain. I remember standing outside ODU looking for it when the launch was scrubbed then I forgot about it yesterday but heard not 2 minutes after the explosion about it(I was in the physics building so lots were watching). Good thing it wasn't manned! Wondering what happened. If it were a fuel leak I feel like it would have blown up in the air rather than just a bit of an explosion since the fuel tank was full. Possible that it wasn't up to temperature properly.. Who knows. That thing blew to kingdom come. That will be quite the csi scene.


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