Re: BBAA at the 96x-fest TONIGHT -- REPORT


No, we left a little before 9PM.  We had more rain, and prediction of clouds to 7AM.  Enjoyed more music and great company, LeAnn and Blair left about 15 min before us.





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Hey Bird or Bob, were you guys still there last night when the woman drove her car though the fence?  I could have sworn I could see Bird in the back ground in the new footage at one point.  Happened around 10:15 or so.  She came through right where the second stage was with our area next door!






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Wow it was quite the adventure down a with the scopes, big tents being blown away and all and rain so hard is was coming sideways!  Shortly after george left the rest of us packed up our cars, and headed out, a few were still hanging out to listen to the music a bit.  Bird and Bob still has one CPC-800HD set up just in case!


We had fun though and I can bet you will never guess who made the comment “Can I pet your Leggings”, I laughed so hard I about died.


THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CAME OUT, and to Mark R, who did call but I told him to go on home.


From the sounds of it the promoter has lots of various concerts they would like us to work with them on from Country to rock, to classic rock. So more (paying) opportunities for others to come out had have fun, although I did tell the promoter that next time we need to trust our weather guessing skills and call it off a few hours before the event.


Thanks all!


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I am writing this report from home ab out 8:00 pm, 6/19.


Well, as Jim said, ten brave souls showed up at the NTelos Pavilion in Portsmouth for the 96XFest Thursday afternoon, 6/19/14.  Jim Tallman,Chuck Jagow, Bob Beurlein, Bird Taylor, Mel Spruill, Kirk Leppert, Mike Connly, Blair Cutting, Leigh Anne Lagoe,and I, George Reynolds were all there by shortly after 3 pm under a hot, sunny sky.  We set up solar-filtered telescopes tosee sunspots and prominences on the sun, and were not disappointed.  There were two PSTs (Coronado Personal Solar Telescopes) (Bird and George), While Chuck had his fancy Coronado rig and Jim had a Lunt solar scope that beat them all.  There were some beautiful prominences and loops around the edges of the sun, and some fiery turbulence on the face of its disc.  Mel had his 127mm refractor outfitted with a Herschel Wedge, and provide some great closeups of the sun and sunspots.  I had the "sun funnel" on my little ShortTube 80 refractor.  At first the views of Old Sol were very nice, but shortly after 4 pm clouds started to roll in, and the sky turned to mush.  Occasionally the sun peeked out from behind a cloud for a few minutes, but the seeing was poor.  I put away the sun funnel and PST shortly after 5 pm.  

The gates opened about 5, so unfortunately, none of the paid guests got to see any views of the sun.  But . . .  wait for it . . . they got to see some spectacular views of lightning, wind and blowing rain!  As we periodically checked the weather forecast on our phones, we saw a major storm approaching, so we covered up the telescopes and equipment, and several of us headed for the food tents.  As we got there, the rain began, and the dark storm clouds and sheets of rain took over.  The lightning show was spectacular, and the thunder was even louder than the band had been!  Many lightning streaks were seen, and LOUD thunder from nearby strikes.  One strike hit a shipyard half a mile or so away, and we saw smoke rising and heard fire truck sirens in the distance.


Attendees who had been queued up in the food line scattered for shelter when the blowing rain and lightning came along.  Then restrooms became ports in a storm, while the food tents provided shelter from the direct downpour, though not from the blowing spray.  Many folks outside the venue flocked to the parking garage across the street to seek respite from the heavy rain, wind, and lightning.  Mike Connly's weather app showed that our storm was about over, and indicated a brief gap between it and another storm cell moving in from the west.  As the drops abated, several of us took that opportunity to shlep our equipment out to our cars in the parking lot.  Some folks stayed, but I departed before the second storm hit.  I was soaked to the skin, as were Jim and some of the others, but before I got in the car, I put on a dry shirt (I had brought a change of clothes, "just in case") for the drive home.  I left at 6:20 pm.  I'll let others report on when they departed.  Who knows, maybe the skies will clear and they will still get some observing in before 11 pm.




George Reynolds

"Solar System Ambassador" for South Hampton Roads, Virginia

Back Bay Amateur Astronomers (BBAA)



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Check out the announcement on their website :)








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Just wanted to let everyone know that the BBAA and a few of our VPAS Astrobuddies, will he hanging out at tonight’s 96X-fest at the Ntelos Pavilion in Portsmouth.  This is a first for us and may open some other doors. I’m sure that we will have a great time, many of us have found our ear plugs :) . We plan to be there rain or shine!


I’d like to thank those who were brave enough to volunteer to brave the waters for this event


Jim Tallman

Chuck Jagow

George Reynolds

Bird Taylor

Bob Beuerlein

Leigh Anne Lagoe

Mike Connly

Mel Spruill

Kirk Leppert

Mark Roehm

Blair Cutting





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