Re: Horizons at ECSP

Kent Blackwell

In the main observing area about 25┬░of the horizon is obscured. I kind of like that though because it hides distant light domes. But if you desire more southern horizon you can try imagers row, as some call it. I will post a notice in the campground store for campers not to ride their golf carts at night through our area but occasionally it might occur. Politely ask then to turn off bright lights. It's their campground so lets be respectful. Newcomers will have a good time at ECSP. Those whom have been before will attest to that. For many seasoned star party goers it it was their first indoctrination to star parties. Others are certainly bigger but most aren't as fun. Favorable weather or not I shall try to make certain we all have a good time just being together. Thank you, Kent Blackwell

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