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The center of the ECSP is in a pine thicket.  I, like you, have Norfolk, VA beach, Chesapeake to my normal southern exposure.  However on observers row, the road thru the thicket, south end has had  an excellent Southern exposure in the past.  We see Omega Centauri from the southern end.  Be aware of the houses on the bay and the one behind the pine thicket which a security light make sure they are behind trees and you should be fine.  I don’t know when you are planning to get down there, but I plan on being in that part of the party.





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Hey East Coast Star Party fans! 


Does anyone have any insight into the clear-horizons at the observing field? I'm making an imaging plan for the event and am curious what directions are best. Any guesstimates of the altitude of the tree line, especially toward the south (galactic center above Sagittarius)? 


Thanks for any info and I'll see you there!


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