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Last night was beautiful. So beautiful that it has put me behind on the newsletter ;-)

Kent's email prompted me to look for NGC 2500. No luck with my 8" scope in my suburban back yard. And by the time I got outside, NGC 2903 had moved to an inconvenient spot that I couldn't easily move my scope to see it.

So, after going 0 for 2 I decided to focus on what I could get to. The owl nebula and M108 were quite nice. I also just barely got a few glimpses of the M82 supernova at high power which now appears to be around mag 13. Finally, I tracked down the comet C/2012 K1 PANSTARRS which is supposed to brighten in the coming weeks. This comet was nicely placed at 11:30 pm in Corona Borealis. A nice change from those early morning comets. The comet is still pretty faint at mag 10.3, but small enough that I had no trouble picking out its fuzzy glow. It's probably quite nice in Kent & Ted's large scopes. Seeing was poor, so Mars didn't look too hot. It was showing it's boring side, anyway.

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Thanks for the suggestion Kent. NGC 2903 happens to be of sentimental importance to me, thanks to you: I saw it in your 25-inch at the May 2012 ECSP and it was the first galaxy I definitely could say I saw spiral arms (then you blew me away with M51 and M101). I made an effort to take another look at NGC 2903 in my XT8 last night; I'll post a report later.

-Nick Anderson

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