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If you get a summer internship at NRAO, us BBAA'rs that frequent the place will EXPECT a very cool behind the scenes tour and after hour aacess to the "party" dish.

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>I got this from from the NRAO earlier in the month (I've been selected as an alternate):
> "The NRAO has recently completed its review of all students who applied
>for a summer position at NRAO. You have been chosen as an alternate.
>In effect this means that we must ask you to wait for about two more
>weeks until we are better able to determine how our tentative summer
>position assignments are progressing.
>"Your record is very impressive; better than many of the students whom
>we have selected straight-away in years past. This year, however, we
>received an unusually large number of well-qualified applicants, and
>we ask your indulgence to wait for about two more weeks for further
>word from us."
> Nothing definite yet from anywhere though. The acceptance rate for these tends to be less than 3-6%
> -Nick Anderson

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