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Did you ask her if you could get your very own hydrobot?  I want one.

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Thanks, Jim for setting these up. Yeah, the Io tidal bulge thing is a whopper! I was telling Annette about it this morning. She pretended she was interested pretty good.
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I’m glad you liked them.  Last night really pegged the Geek-o-meter though, wow! Next month’s meeting we will be planning to meet in the VB TCC Planetarium for our meeting.  I asked Kenny’s to plan a show for us and he has a new 3D show. We’ll get some more speakers out in May
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Wow, another excellent meeting tonight with Dr. William Moore from Hampton University talking about the possibility of exploring Europa's liquid ocean below 16 km or more of ice!  I am glad I took notes so I can process all of what I learned tonight. I'm still amazed by the tides on Io which move its surface of solid rock up and down 50 m as it goes around Jupiter! 
Great job planning these last few meetings, Jim. They have been a lot of fun and extremely interesting.  Thanks!

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