Re: Orion

Kent Blackwell

Jim, what is so much to like about the portable iOptron SkyTracker is the fact I carry it with me, along with my portable tripod (Linhof...25-lbs, portable?) and camera on nights planned for visual work. If  I see an image that looks pleasing it's a simple matter to position the camera to capture a dramatic composition. Yes, I still have to polar align but it is surely better than setting up a 200-lbs telescope/EQ mount.

I agree it's a shame all those "grainy" stars got in the way of the brighter Orion stars. Darn. Can you spot Bernard's Loop? Amazing to pick that up in a 91-second exposure. Digital beat film in almost every regard but I seem to recall photographing Bernard's Look with high speed Extachome slide film quite easily and the red color jumped out at you!

iOptron SkyTracker

Canon 20Da DSLR

Sigma 28-70 f/2.8 lens shot at 32mm f/3.5

91-sec. exposure

ISO 800

Kent Blackwell

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