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Jim Tallman

Hey don’t forget to log you outreach time




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Bill, I ended up staying until 330am all by my lonesome and logged 60 Messiers altogether. I decided not to wait all night, so missed out on Sagittarius and made M4 (one of my favorites) my last object. I was also distracted by a number of side observing "projects" as well, thanks to Nick ;-)


Seeing as Tom couldn't be there last night and no one else really even tried, I'd be willing to declare last night an exhibition marathon and re-schedule the real marathon for next month, 3/29.  It would actually be closer to the optimal Messier Marathon date of 3/21. 


In any event, last night was one of the most enjoyable nights under the stars that I've had in a long time. Gorgeous night. Even got in an hour of outreach right in the middle. What a pleasure to do outreach in skies like that, everyone was blown away. Example: M37. The woman I showed was awed by it. I've tried that object in areas with more light pollution and got a ho hum. The guests could even see the little cluster off to the side of spectacular M35 (another of my favs).


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Paul won the cup and a nice VPAS T shirt by logging 33 Messiers! Congratulations Paul! Rob found 20 or so and I found 11 with binoz. No one else mounted a serious challenge and Paul noted most humorously that he could have done 32 less. 


Daryl, Steve, Rob, Bob, Jason, Paul, John and yours truly had an absolute ball last night at York River. Bob brought terrific hot chocolate, Daryl brought fresh ground coffee and of course I brought cookies. Plenty to eat and drink. We even had some guests to share the skies with. 


We all signed "Thank you" cards for the rangers who let us use their beautiful park once a month and any time we ask.


Carpe Noctem
Bill McLean


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