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Yes, I can confirm the expansion and mass increase.  Also would like to add the fact that it is “falling apart” and deteriorating.




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Ha ha! Good observation George. I. too, can no longer squeeze in my old cracker jack uniform. That's 2 data points. Anyone else?


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Bill, that article says, "the Universe is not expanding but the mass of everything has been increasing." 


I can say, from firsthand experience, that that is true!  I can no longer get into my old Army uniform:  therefore, my mass definitely is increasing.



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I have never been a big fan of the Big Bang theory. I will admit it is the best model today, to explain phenomenon like the red shift of the universe. It's the singularity thing that has always bugged me. And it's the opposite of the condensation theory of star and planet building. Explode apart in one, pull together in another. hmmm.


I don't think this guy's theory is THE theory either. What I do like is a totally different way of thinking about this and it remains consistent with the red shift.


We used to think the world was flat.


"Others say that Wetterich’s interpretation could help to keep cosmologists from becoming entrenched in one way of thinking. “The field of cosmology these days is converging on a standard model, centred around inflation and the Big Bang,” says physicist Arjun Berera at the University of Edinburgh, UK. “This is why it’s as important as ever, before we get too comfortable, to see if there are alternative explanations consistent with all known observation.”



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