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Wow!. Wait til I tell the twins that they qualify as a "hoard".
errr. maybe I better not, they might try to l1ve up to the name!!
I was able to track Saturn in the 12" for most of the evening. Tom and Chris enjoyed showing people the Moon, Albireo, Mizar/Alcor in their 6"
I think we saw 100 to 150 people down at our end.
Toward the end of the evening, I was actually able to get the Ring, M57, and show it to some late-comers. It was faint and washed out, but visible.

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Despite the fact we were NOT in our normal place AND that the damn boardwalk lights remained ON during the entire evening. I greatly appreciate everyone's participation. Thanks to:

Mark Gerlach & hoard,
Kent of Blackwell,
Chuck Dibbs, VB Planetarium HMFC,
Dale Carey, (retired esq.),
Toni and Don Rosio, (WHOO HOO!! P A R T I C I P A T I N G New Memebers)
Jeff Goldstien, Teacher extrordinaire,
Anyone I might have forgotten and not seen.


The next and last Boardwalk Astronomy Gig is on September 17th, our probable only target will be the moon and stars (can't wait to spend the whole night on Albireo), as Saturn will be history (below buildings and such) Jupiter will have set, so unless we can find Uranus and/or Neptune planets will be a no show.

The Skywatch on the 30th at the NWRP will be sans myself, I will be in Colorado enjoying mag OH-MY-GOD skies. I will take my SQL meter and take a reading so we can compare it to Coinjock.

See you all in several weeks at the last Boardwalk Astronomy.

Chuck Jagow
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VP Back Bay Amateur Astronomers
Rott'n Paws Observatory
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