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Too Late! I have already stolen are your cookies!




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Nooo that's not my password. I don't know what password you're writing about. We should talk later.


Carpe Noctem
Bill McLean


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well lets see, you just put your poential password out on one of the most public areas you possibly could on the internet. It is likely that other passwords you use are as simple as that one. If I were you I would spend whatever time it takes to CHANGE every password that you have with any system available over the internet as soon as you can.

Two words.

Identity Theft.

is a real concern.

Chuck Jagow
NCRR #1495 & Newsletter Editor
VP Back Bay Amateur Astronomers
Rott'n Paws Observatory
N36:46:23.281 W076:13:31.512

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>Ha ha. You'll like this: password?

>Carpe Noctem
>Bill McLean
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>did you enter your password correctly?
>If the password is hosed, i will reset it Friday for you.
>Chuck Jagow
>NCRR #1495 & Newsletter Editor
>VP Back Bay Amateur Astronomers
>Rott'n Paws Observatory
>N36:46:23.281 W076:13:31.512
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>>Hi whomever can fix this:  alcor@...  has never worked. Did I do something wrong?
>>Carpe Noctem
>>Bill McLean


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