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Roy Diffrient

You're right to be scared. Better to let it get crummy and do cleaning less often. Typically, you can't tell the difference in telescope performance, and the coating will last longer that way. When you must handle your optics, wear new rubber/vinyl gloves, and after you put on the gloves, wash them, to get rid of any talc on them. I don't like the wiping part of Orion's instructions -- It's really best not to wipe at all, but instead just let the detergent do its thing for an hour, lifting the dirt off. But if that doesn't cut it, if you feel you really must wipe, then apply no pressure at all. That is, drag a clean, wet cotton ball across the surface, turning the ball continuously, and replace it quite often, so that you're not dragging dirt across the surface. That method applies only the weight of a wet cotton ball to the coating. For bath water, a couple drops of Ivory Liquid and a spoonful of isopropyl alcohol in a quart of distilled water works -- Or I think there is a recipe for Dr. Clay's cleaner in the Yahoo files. Rinse with distilled water. To help prevent water spots, dab any clinging drops with a clean, untouched (no finger oils) paper towel, and again, no wiping. Others have good methods that may work too, but this is what I do, and my coatings are 20+ years old, still going.


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Is there a quick and easy way to dust off the primary mirror?

The instructions for my Orion XT8 classic dob tell me to remove the primary mirror and soak it soapy water and alcohol and wipe clean with cotton balls. Sounds like too opportunities to screw up, scratch and/or drop my mirror. I'm scared.

Isn't there a Swiffer for primary mirrors? HA!


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