Re: Swiffer my primary mirror


Unless your primary is really dusty/dirty it does significantly reduce the views from your scope.  Best advice is clean only when necessary, and protect (dust caps) when not in use.  Dusting can be done using a gentle blowing (avoid or be very careful using compressed air dusters their propellants can affect mirror surfaces) I prefer a blub puffer/blower used on camera lens, just don’t hit the mirror with the tip.


When you do clean, always always always rinse in distilled water.  Some professionals suggest filtering all cleaning, rinsing solutions thru coffee filters.




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Is there a quick and easy way to dust off the primary mirror?

The instructions for my Orion XT8 classic dob tell me to remove the primary mirror and soak it soapy water and alcohol and wipe clean with cotton balls. Sounds like too opportunities to screw up, scratch and/or drop my mirror. I'm scared.

Isn't there a Swiffer for primary mirrors? HA!

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