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How long have you had your XT8 and how dirty is it?  I have had mine for 4 yrs and have not cleaned it.  You'll find varied opinions on cleaning, with some cleaning each year and others, like myself, avoiding cleaning as long as possible. One thing you will find agreement on is that it is easy to scratch your mirror and cleaning should be done carefully with a minimal amount of touching, wiping, etc.

If the only thing that concerns you is a little dust, then I would ignore it, as it will not affect your views. Many folks get concerned about dust on the mirror, especially if you shine a red light down your tube at night. No mirror looks good if you do that. Seriously,  I've been told an freshly cleaned scope will look dusty as can be if you shine a red light down a tube at  night and examine the mirror.

Finally, if you do think you need to clean it, I would try to arrange to have an *experienced* club member either talk with your beforehand, or even help you do it yourself.  If the latter, maybe we could even turn it into a workshop where everyone could learn the proper way to clean a mirror.

Good luck!

- Paul

On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 11:08 AM, LeighAnne <lalagoe@...> wrote:

Is there a quick and easy way to dust off the primary mirror?

The instructions for my Orion XT8 classic dob tell me to remove the primary mirror and soak it soapy water and alcohol and wipe clean with cotton balls. Sounds like too opportunities to screw up, scratch and/or drop my mirror. I'm scared.

Isn't there a Swiffer for primary mirrors? HA!

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