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Jim Tallman

It was great fun Bob.




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It truly was a great workshop. A fantastic way to share expertise to see some of my astrobuddies in the daylight.  I do not know how I can thank Jim and Chuck enough for pulling it all together.


A special thanks to Jim for opening his house, surprising everybody with a great cookout, sharing his expertise, tools, and hospitality. Jim and Chuck did a fantastic job in locating all the components necessary to assemble solar filters for the menagerie of scopes that club members owned. And what a great group of people that assembled. We all pitched in, helped when we could, and most of all demonstrated what we could accomplish with a little previous organization.


All I can say is "Back Bay Astronomers rock!"


Bob B.


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What a fantastic class this was!!


Many thanks to Jim and Chuck Jagow for leading the way by figuring out what materials we needed, buying them, showing us what to do and fixing mistakes along the way. All we had to do was show up with our scope, everything else was there waiting for us. What a great opportunity for club members, especially newer ones like myself. For the low, low price of $19 we all have now doubled our potential astronomy time with daytime viewing of our nearest star.


Plus it was a heck of a lot of fun.  We all had a great time talking astronomy, checking out gear and helping each other out along the way. As a bonus, Mr. Alcor, Bill Mclean, stopped by, and yes, he had cookies.


I had to leave for awhile to see my daughter swim. No problem as Courtney was so kind to fill me in on what I missed when I got back and even helped make up the lost time by helping me do some cutting and pasting.  Thanks also to Bob for lots of miscellaneous help & advice as well.


And don't let me forget to thank Jim for being such a great host. We had food, drinks, tools, power, supplies, you name it. In fact, between Jim, Chuck and Bob B. we had every tool you can imagine.  


Thanks again, guys! 



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We had a very successful solar filter workshop this last Saturday. We got started around 10AM or so and finished up around 3or4. Everyone looked like they had fun and I'm sure they learned a few tips to use next time they need to make a filter. Attendees were Courtney, Chuck, Roy E. Paul Tartabini (Paul 1), Paul Shank (Paul 2), Mike Galvas, Dino and Mary, Bob B., with Bill Mclean (Bill 1) and Bill Holmes (Bill 2) helping out a bit. All in all it was a fun day and I look forward to the next workshop what ever that may be. I loaded some photos and I know others took a bunch so load them up.



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