Website updates for April 15, 2013

Nick Anderson

The BBAA website's "Hall of Fame" page has been updated with 4 new recent awards amongst our members. Each of the awards have now been linked to their corresponding AL webpage. Check out the page and see what our members have accomplished!

The combined March/April 2013 newsletter has been posted. Future newsletters will be released around the beginning of each month and posted a month later to the BBAA website.

Meeting minutes for February-April 2013 now have a different and more appropriate "not available" notification. Most of the minutes can be found in the newsletters, so it's worth checking the archives there.

On a final note, stemming from some of the ruckus on the forums earlier this week dealing with club business, the apologies I issued off-the-forums are not enough: it requires future amends. From now on, I will be handling website complaints primarily off-the-forums. I plan to post a short reply on the forums (if that's where the complaint was posted) so that people know the problem's being handled and send then the more detailed reply in a private email (rather than on the forums). We're all in this for the love of astronomy and these types of discussions are better kept off a public forum.

-Nick Anderson
BBAA Webmaster

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