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I was into astronomy a little in those days. I was working as a mechanic at Indian River Lanes (bowling alley) while attending ODU.
I was working that day and had a nice welder's helmet to view it with. I remember the shadow waves on the parking lot and seeing little crescent lights on the parking lot where the sun was shining thru tree leaves.

One of the few things I remember clearly from the 70's! ;)

Mark 2

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I just missed it. I reported to the Naval Weapons Station at Yorktown, later
that same month. Not that I was aware there was a sky back then. I didn't
find astronomy until much later.


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What does March 7th mean to you?

It's the 43rd anniversary of the total solar eclipse visible in the
Tidewater area. I remember it as it was yesterday.

Kent Blackwell

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