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I have owned a Orion 12XXI for 2 ½ Yrs.  I am very pleased with its optical performance when collimated.  The beauty of a truss Dob is it’s portability.  But, you do need to collimate every time you assemble.  The Intelliscope feature makes finding viewable object easy to find.  A reticle eyepiece for accuracy improves the quality of alignments.  Alignments of Slew # of < .5 are acceptable alignments (by the book).  Typical alignments Slews of .1 or .2 are easy to achieve with a reticle eyepiece.


Views of Jupiter, easy to pick out shadows of moons, bands, GRS but no signs of life yet.  Hardest object observed is the Horsehead nebula with H beta filter and ghost nebula without filters.


The only problem I have had is the “Altitude Bearing Cylinders”, I have had two split.  Easy replacement, simple one screw repair.  They are about $3 or $4 each, so I keep a couple spares now.


The “Altitude Bearing Cylinders” support the OTA in the cradle and allow smooth movement of Altitude.


Hope this helps.




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Hello folks,


I currently have an Orion xt8 and I'm thinking up grading soon to a 12 inch truss dob. I'm fascinated with the truss design just for the fact I need something easily transportable in my small Toyota. I was looking at the 12.5 Obsession, but for half the price I can get the complete 12 inch truss setup from Orion. I know you get what I pay for, but how well does the Orion stand up against the Obsession? Optically is it significant? How is the ruggedness and quality behind one of these scopes? I'm sure the XX12i does well on the DSO's. How about the planets? Under ideal seeing and proper collimation, would I be able to pick out intricate detail on Jupiter? Does anyone have any experience with either one of these scopes? I figure who better to ask than the local astronomy club.


Thanks and clear skies (soon I hope)


Elizabeth City NC

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