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Put me on the list for the RASC handbook!


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If you want a copy of the RASC Observer's Handbook at a volume discount, please let me know NOW so I can add you to the order list.  The DISCOUNTED price is $24, IF we can get 10 or more people to order a copy.  The single copy price, if you don't get in on this volume deal, is $38.20, which includes shipping from Canada.


So far, I have only EIGHT names on the list, so we will not get the volume discount . . .yet.  The names I have are


Bruce Bodner

Jim "R.E." Elliott

Tom Flatley

Jeff Goldstein

Chuck Jagow,

Jason Tackett

"Bird" Taylor

and me, George Reynolds

(if I left your name off inadvertently, please let me know ASAP)


We need at least TWO MORE  to be able to get that $24 price.  Anyone who has gotten the handbook in the past knows it is well worth the cost.  In its 300-odd pages are vast quantities of valuable information about astronomy in general, and certain celestial objects in particular.  


It contains a GLOSSARY and index of key astronomy terms. 

It has explanations of astronomy terms, symbols, optics, weather, time scales, magnitudes, polar alignment, light pollution (and what we can do about it), and observing tips and techniques.

It is a valuable resource for teaching astronomy, with easy-to-understand explanations of the Sun, the Moon, the planets, the solar system, and the night sky, including comets, meteors, and asteroids.

It has a month-by-month calendar of astronomical events, and when to look for such things as phases of the Moon, lunar and solar eclipses, meteor showers, best times to view the planets, and the appearances and locations of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

... and much, much more.  It is a whole library in a small handbook you can keep by your telescope when observing, or use to plan your observing sessions, or just to read during cold and rainy days.


I will be placing the order in another two weeks, so you can receive it before the new calendar year.  If we do not get 10 orders, the unit price will be $27 each, which is still better than $38.  


So please let me know if you want a copy of that annual classic, the Observer's Handbook of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. You can send a check in the mail to the BBAA P.O. Box 9877, Va. Beach 23450, or you can pay via PayPal to my pathfinder027@... account.  There is no profit involved in these transactions.  Any money over and above the cost of the handbooks goes to the BBAA scholarship fund.


Let me hear from you ASAP!



George Reynolds

"Solar System Ambassador" for South Hampton Roads, Virginia

Back Bay Amateur Astronomers (BBAA)


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