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Thsnk, Jim. I'll let you know when it is.

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Since it is close I could be there if in town

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I got it too. I have responded to him asking for the date, estimated # of
people, about parking, and the like. I am pretty sure I will go also, so
that is at least two of us. I will post it on the calendar here when I get a
firm date.

Mark G.

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saw this on our facebook page - I would help out, this should go thru VP

My group, ODU SEDS, is looking to host an educational event at the ODU
planetarium where we bring up Norfolk's night sky and talk about what we
could possibly see in the area. Afterwards, we want to have telescopes set
up with people to instruct whoever attends entry level observational
astronomy techniques (like how to set up and use a telescope). The plan is
to have this in mid to late November. My question is, would any of you like
to volunteer to help us out with this. I think it may be a good way to get
BBAA out to the ODU community.

You can contact me at ODUSEDS@

Eric Ingram

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