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Elections for 2013 officers will take place at hte November meeting.
What would you like to run for, Jim?

/\\ark G.

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Was a hoot. Kenny was up and about even after having his innerds aerated. I
personally was impressed with his level of astronomical knowledge helping as
he did with the pre meeting crossword puzzle. I guess he really is a college
professor. Thanks Kenny- still can't get 1 across.

Jeff presented a few fun techniques for figuring the earth's circumference
like Eratosthenes of Samos did and how to calculate the distance to the sun
using a pin hole camera like method. Fun Jeff! And that's coming from a math
is like Chinese person.

Dino shared how he got the Transit pin and proudly showed it off. You go
Dino! I think fulfilling the requirements for that AL pin is easy. It's
figuring what the coordinator wants is the challenge.

Good getting together with like minded nerds. Good raisin oatmeal cookies.
Good time.

Welcome back Mat. Apologies to the mystery guest sitting in the back. By
time I shut my trap at the end of the meeting, I turned around to meet you-
you were gone.

What am I forgetting?

Carpe Noctem
Bill McLean

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