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YES. Thanks

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Hey Mark,

Are you coming tonight? If so I have those jump-start batteries if you want them?

Chuck Jagow
Rott?n Paws Observatory
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George had a price list for the items he had.

I will go ahead and accept the scope on behalf of the club.

/&#92;&#92;ark (2 or 3? no body ever answered that)

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Was a price ever decided? I might be interested in setting up an observatory on Hatteras Island.
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Yeah but I think we need to go to Georges house one day and find out what is and isn't there for the Observatory. We can put it on Astromart and toss any funds into the pile JT From: backbayastro@... [mailto:backbayastro@...] On Behalf Of Dale
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Subject: Re: [backbayastro] Telescope donation whoever receives donated equipment should just go ahead and post the item description, spec's, ser #'s and any useful infoon this site and see if anyone is interested. ask for a bid.Dale From: Jim Tallman Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012 4:59 PMTo: backbayastro@... Subject: RE: [backbayastro] Telescope donation We need to do something about the observatory George has also :) . Beth called me a few weeks ago and asked if we ever did anything with itJTFrom: backbayastro@... [mailto:backbayastro@...] On Behalf Of Dale
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Subject: Re: [backbayastro] Telescope donation Mark, I normally took donated scopes, sold them and put $ in treasury. You could bid it out at a meeting or astromart, ebay, I would never turn downa piece of donated equipment. Somebody will buy it.Dale From: gerlach.mark Sent: Monday, September 24, 2012 1:44 PMTo: backbayastro@... Subject: [backbayastro] Telescope donation All:
I had a gentleman call me wanting to donate a scope to the club, no stipulations or restrictions. His wife wants it out of the dining room and he does not want to go to the trouble of selling it on the internet.

It is a Meade model 8800 8" f4.5 Newtonion. From what I can find, this model was introduced in 1989. I didn't find a date that it was discontinued. He said it was over 15 years old and needs some (unspecified) work on the gears.

I know we have not accepted scope donations in the past, but might this be something we could accept and sell to a member or other interested party?

Mark Gerlach
434-4220 (cell)

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