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Hope there aren't any outstanding warrants for William Howard...or decendents of...

Have fun,

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* be in me blood!

-Nick Anderson

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It's in my blood. (see the original post)

-Nick Anderson

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Why will there be a pirate observing with you Nick?

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Noted: bring bug spray and reapply frequently. But do bugs really want
pirate's blood though?

-Nick Anderson

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you may be doing some serious bug feeding.

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As I will be back in the area for two weeks before fall semester starts,
I'm going with family for several days to Ocracoke Island, a remote area in
the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I will have my telescope with me and I'm
planning to do some serious astronomy (hopefully the weather will
cooperate). According to a light pollution map, the area is in a gray zone
(Bortle class 2), which would be even darker than my rural observing site in
Bland County! Has anyone here observed at Ocracoke Island before? Know of a
specific place to observe on the island?

This will be my first time ever visiting the island, which is interesting
because part of my lineage traces back to there. Ocracoke Island was a
favorite anchorage of the notorious pirate, Blackbeard, and was also the
location of his death. Through one of my great-grandparents, It is quite
probable that I am actually related to one of Blackbeard's subordinates,
William Howard. I don't know too much about my family's history there, but
I'm sure I'll learn a lot more while I'm there.

-Nick Anderson

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