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Well Bob, I suppose you did...sorta...however I miss read your e-mail as trying to explain the differences in the hand boxs.

I did however respond by saying that any reasonable offer would be fine...and I got none. This morning at "O dark thirty" Chuck outright asked me what I wanted for it and I responded off line with a price.

My apology is extended for miss reading your statement. I suppose i being too technical about this process and seem to get screwed up the last couple times out.

So here's the deal...I've already sold one for $25 (as memory serves)here in the group and this one is $25...First "I'll take it" gets it. I don't know if it works or not and would recommend plugging it in first. If it don't work...then no deal!

That's the best I can do.


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I am confused, I expressed interest when I tried to defined the difference
between a 494 and 497. I did not see Chuck expressed interest till the next
day. But, it is your handset, and your choice.


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Bob, Chuck inquired about buying it first and I've give him a price off line
(direct) already...I'm just waiting for his response.


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I have seen them on EBay for everywhere between $12 and (new) $150, give
a price and we can work out the details.


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