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When you first hook up the 497 to a scope you have to go through the set up and tell it you are using a etx 70 and then do a motor alignment that should take care of the problem you are having. If you have done that then you may need to update the firm ware in the 497 controller it easy to do if you have the right cable to do it. I dont member the part number for the cable but I know they are sold on eBay fairly cheap.

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I bought a used Autostar 497 hand controller off of the Internet. It seems to have a problem. It could be the attached cable, it looks a little rough. I would like to know if anyone has a Meade Autostar 497 hand control and cable I could use to see if it actually works on my ETX 70. The Autostar 494 hand controller works just fine. With this Autostar 497 I encounter a motor fault after it starts to slew to the first alignment star. Like I stated, it slews just fine with the Autostar 494, so I know there is nothing wrong with the ETX 70.


Chuck Jagow

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