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You know why the Weatherman lost his job?  The weather did not agree with him.




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For the information of all members of this group. per the email from Kevin at the ranger station at NWRP.

Please note that I will do my best to make the call on whether or not we will have a skywatch based upon weather predictions available at noon the day of skywatch (As I did last week). I usually look at at least three different sources to make this decision. Last week all three weather guessing sources (Weather Channel, Accuweather, NOAA) said forget it at 1145 and only Clear Sky said good to go. I can't go on just one when the rest say no go as this will result in a possible waste of resources for the rangers if I guess wrong which isn't a good thing. Money is tight and things change and I can not leave our event open ended.

Anyways I want everyone to know that I wont just cancel a skywatch because I don't feel like going :) and will do everything I can to be out there if at all possible.

Jim T

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Please ensure that the park store is informed by noon the day of the event so that we can pass this info to the public.



Kevin Kaul

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Tomorrow night isn’t looking to good right now for the Skywatch. While there is only 20% chance of rain the cloud coverage is expected to be about 80%. We’ll make the call tomorrow by noon. We’ve not been getting many breaks in the weather lately have we.


Jim T

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Friday July 13, 2012


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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