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Well, with 5 deg you can't get Orion's entire belt and M42 at the same time. You can with a 7 deg TFOV. But, a 5 deg TFOV frames the whole area from NGC 1975 to M42/43 to NGC 1980 very nicely. So perhaps it's a subtle difference, but again, it depends what you're after.

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that is true, most people won't see the difference

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Subject: [backbayastro] Binocular FOV

When selecting a pair a binoculars, how much does the field of view matter? Why would I want a 7 degree FOV versus 5 degrees? Does the FOV affect light-gathering power? To me, any pair of binoculars is going to seem as a wide field of view since I'm used to only observing through a telescope.

-Nick Anderson

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