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I think it depends on what you want the binoculars for. My 10x50's have a 5 deg TFOV, enough to frame pretty much any object, and high enough mag for seeing many features on the Moon. The view they give me of objects like the Beehive and the Pleiades is absolutely stunning.

One thing I (everyone?) love doing with binoculars is exploring the Milky Way. This is one area where having an extremely large TFOV comes in handy. Imagine being able to look up at the sky with the unaided eye and easily see 9th magnitude stars or fainter. The bigger the FOV in your binoculars, the closer you will get to that dream view.

The times I wish I had a bigger TFOV is when I want to see things like the entire Orion belt/sword region or the area around the "belly of the swan" in Cygnus or the "steam" coming out of the teacup (I could go on and on). You could stare at these sights for hours.

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When selecting a pair a binoculars, how much does the field of view matter? Why would I want a 7 degree FOV versus 5 degrees? Does the FOV affect light-gathering power? To me, any pair of binoculars is going to seem as a wide field of view since I'm used to only observing through a telescope.

-Nick Anderson

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