Blacksburg Thursday night (spiral structure in M101)

Nick Anderson

I spent another hour observing tonight before the dew took over. I logged three more Herschel galaxies in Leo: NGC 3377, NGC 3412, and NGC 3489. After losing Leo to the skyglow, I panned over to M101 to give its spiral structure a serious attempt. Transparency was an 8/10 at the time. After spending several minutes observing it at 48x and 96x, I believe I was able to detect subtle hints of spiral structure for the first time! Hints of the arms were seen to the north and WNW with averted vision and concentration. I also tried for M51's spiral structure, but the dew compromised my observation.

A note about two NGC's I observed last week (and again today), M105's neighbor's have an alias NGC designation: NGC 3384/NGC 3371 and NGC 3389/NGC 3373 (the former is the one you should use). I just caught this today, which gives me another Herschel object I wasn't aware of.

Herschel 400 objects seen so far: 91

-Nick Anderson

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