Re: ATREX mission launch


You may of missed my account of ATREX viewed from Gosnold’s Hope Park.  So here’s a repeat.


I arrived at Gosnold's Park about 1:30PM, Bird Joined me at 1:50. Winds were high and cold. We tracked the ustream web video for a while sheltered in my car. We had short visits from two of Hampton's Finest and later 2 Hampton City workers, we gave information on ATREX and shared views of Mars and Saturn on my binoculars.

At 4AM we almost called it quits for the night, Wallop's reported a 40 minute delay because of a ship in the launch path, launch window closed at 5AM. At 4:30. they started the 15min countdown, held at 8min mark for a short while then continued streaching the launch window to the very end.

From our vantage point, we saw three rockets flares (probably missed the other two while watching clouds being dispersed) they would of been visiable. We saw all 8 tracks in the sky, wow what a sight, they were very bright and all did a distinct zigzag pattern in the night sky. The dispersal of the clouds were a lot slower than I thought lasting 20 to 30 minutes. We watched in awe.

Thanks to Hampton park system allowing us the great vantage point, Bird for facilitating that arrangement. Bird for his contagious love of all things astronomical. And NASA giving us the great show.

Bob B

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