Outreach Participants Needed


Hey gang,
I'm a little late on one of these, just got the info yesterday.

We have 3 schools asking for our participation at their Science nights.
I have posted the details in our Yahoo Calendar.

- ! Please let me know if you can help with any of these:

Tuesday, February 7 - Butts Road Primary School Science Night, Ches. 6:30-8p, set up 6pm. (I can do this)

Thursday, March 1 - Greenbrier Intermediate, Ches. 6:15-8:15pm.
This is also our meeting night and my mother's 99th birthday, so I won't make it to either.

Monday March 12 - Deep Creek Elementary 4th grade Science night. 6:30-8pm, set up 6. Indoor. They would like some sort of presentation. I will contact to see what they expect.

/\\ark G.

p.s. My primary email is mgerlach@... I check it every day. If you mail to me on yahoo, I may not see it. Please use my verizon email

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